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Dec. 30th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

dasukete Kudasai... Onegaishimasu. *bow*

  ogenkie minna.? ^_^
  i was hoping if someone could help me out in
  customizing my journal. I hope someone could help me.
  if anyone is willing please leave a comment or pm me.
  onegaishimasu. ^_^
  advance arigatou. :)

  - えらいしゃ-ちゃん


Jun. 28th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

wah~!!!! inu~!!! boku no inu~!!! :((

i know it's kinda too late for me to be crying about this.. DEMO!
i want to let everyone know.. that... MY DOG IS GONE~~!!!!!!!!
ah~!! nande kure!!! One of my mother's patient took her~!
she was actually nice..  though i did'nt expect that they will really
GIVE her to them... i asked the new owner, if she would be
bearing a puppy.. i hope she could give me one. and she
was OKAY! about it!!!

YEHEY~!!!!! haahah~!!!! though it's kinda boring at home..
there's no barking dog outside the house to welcome you
when you come back home.... well... i know she's doing well...

"I have seen her curious experssion. she was staring at me with her black eyes.. as i was staring at her for the verry last moment.... i felt sadness crawling all over my body.. and her teary eyes as she went away."

         kiotsukete.. krong krong.

May. 24th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

Yamada.. CRYING?!?!?!??!! Majite???

uwa.. he was really crying.. he looks really cute! :)

here's the link of the vid. I just wanna post this i was just so suprised to see him crying..
anyways.  hre's the link~!


gomen ne.. no subs..
and as i was saying.. i was looking for a vid with subs.. and.. THANK YOU LORD~!
I FOUND IT~! :) :D

here it is.


hope you watch it.!

okay~! I'm on a PICTURE HUNT~! GANBARE~!

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May. 10th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

Kyowa.. Ureshi desu~! ♥

yo minna~!

i have done many things today!
I've been watching jdoramas which i haven't finished yet.
hmm.. let's see.. Zettai Kareshi... Mei-chan no Shitsuji..
i guess that's al?? hehe.. only 2.
hmm.. i while ago, I was watching a movie intitled
"10 promises to My Dog." I can't belive i cried at thepart when the Dog died.
I sunndenly remember my alive enthustiastic dog~!
i don't talk to her that much.. ^^ warui nee??
after finishing the movie, i walked to her..
i smiled at her and went closer. she almost pounced at me!
I just smiled and said. "that hurts~!" and gave him a tap..

By the way i watched another film today. hana Yori Dango Movie.                                                                     

I did'nt thought there was a movie special.. baka desu! haha >.<

i have watched many movies already. time to rest nee??

minna~! kiotsukete~! i'm going to say this out of the blue..


HEY SAY JUMP!!!! GANBARE~!!! MINNA~!!! KIOTSUKETE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wooh~! that was okay.. ja nee~! :)

May. 6th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

Otanjoubi Omedatou~!

Advance Happy Birhtday to:

Yamada Ryosuke and Shida Mirai~!


a message to yamada ryosuke:

Otanjoubi Omedatou~! Ganbare Shounen~!
Keep it up~! Make Your group Shine! help each other
no matter what happen~! keep on making JDORAMAS and make all your fans happy~! ganbare~! kiotsukete~!


a message to shida mirai:

Otanjoubi OMEDATOU~! Keep on making heart
warming JDORAMAS~!
really love you at Seigi no Mikata
and 14 Sai no Haha. ganbare~! i want you to have a blessed youth~! same as yamada-kun. :D

Minna Kiotsukete~!

eraisha-chan. :D

Apr. 25th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

(no subject)

minna genkie??
My Top 1-4 ranking of F4 boys~! ♥

Top 1 (ichi, one, una)

Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo :p


Top 2 (nii, two, pangalawa)

Hyun Joong Kim as Yoon Ji Ho



Top 3 (san, three, pangatlo)

Kim Bum as So Yi Jung


Top 4 (??, four, ikaapat) :p

Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin

i don't have picture of him.. gomen..

who's yours?

leave a comment. :D

Apr. 24th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

HeY~! shounen??? hana?? ASH~!!!


haha! i'm currently watching it! kinda late nee~!
Gu JUn Pyo is soo Cute~! like him!

hmm.. i like Ga Eul and ah.. i always forgot that cutes name.. ash~!
anyway.. I like everyone! I've been so serious in getting pctures of them!
especially Lee Min Ho's pictures! hehe!! well that't all! i haven't been opening
my account so i opened it now. hahaha! i stayed up a night to finish this..
this post.. you know why? cause i'm watching while typing! and
i don't know what TO TYPE!!!! ash~!!!!! haa!! minna take care~! muahugs~!

"lead me to the cross LORD GOD!"

Mar. 26th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

Photos for a Change!!

minna~! i just saw this on my friends account so ... this pictures comes from her!! okay~! here it is..





Yuto Nakajima~!

Ryosuke Yamada


Chinen Yuri


Okamoto Keito


Ryutaro Morimoto


Daiki Arioka


Takaki Yuya


Kei Inoo


Hikaru Yaotome


Kota Yabu


WAH~! that's all minna~! hope you like it~! arigatou~!
CREDITS: yamada loves on imeem.com

if you want a more clear picture and a bigger copy of it go here :


just click this link above.. arigatou!

Mar. 25th, 2009

hotness is in the air~!

ONE SHOT: I want to Make You Happy.

Title:  I want to Make You Happy
Legnth: I'm not sure.. hehe :)
Pairing: Kei Inoo and Hikaru Yaotome
Genre: Romance
Warnings and disclaimer: 
Umm.. well.. i'm not that good in maiking YAOI fics.. but i'll try my best nee~! btw:   
                                                  this is my first ever Yaoi fic.. hope you like it..
Summarry :
Hikaru want to Make Inoo the happiest person for having such a bad luck for the whole day.
                      because of too much love Hikaru have given too Inoo,  he can't take the mix emotion he has felt 
                      for Hikaru. So he started the First MOVE.
A/N: anou minna.. hope you will like it.. and.. i really tried my besy on making this fic.. so.. advance thank you
         if you  would  like it!!


      It was still 5:30 in the afternoon where a boy named Kei Inoo is still sleeping peacefully . The current date
today:  Febuary 8, 2009 / Sunday. Until his Alarm clock ring. 
                 "UWA!~!!!!!" he shouted in full shock
 He look directly at the clock and turned it off. "no work today right?" he sighed. He stood up and directly went down the stairs, eventually, he fell down the stairs. A loud shout made by  Kei Inoo insound the whole house.
Her Mother who was shock went to the stairs bringing her spachula with her. "Inoo, daijoubu?" his mother asked him worriedly. "should i say i'm okay?" he sarcastically said. "Gomen, demo daijoubu?" she told Inoo as he helped him to get up.

                         "hai, daijoubu desu."
                        "by the way, Hikaru called a while ago.  Is that a blood on your knees??"

    Inoo look at his Knees and wasn't shock at all, For a reason he wasn't.. He heard directly from her mother That Hikaru called. "what did he told you?" he asked immediatly. "he told me that he want to send something to you so be online if you can" she replied. "Arigatou Oka-san." then he hurridly run upstairs and entered his room. "Inoo! you heven't eaten your breakfast yet!" his mother shouted. "Well, it's Hikaru-kun."

   Inoo opened his laptop. 15 seconds past aleady  but still his computer won't start. He tried to make it start again but nothing change. The Cute Light Blue Laptop won't open. He click and clicked the start button until he really got so pissed he stopped.  "Kusou~! Is this day so Unlucky or WHAT~!" he pissedly shouted. He stood Up and clumsly hit his wounded knee on the table. "ITAI~!!!." THen Hikaru Felt a Chill in his body. "what was that?"  he whispered.

    2 hours passed and he has finished his bussiness at home. He decided to go to Hikaru because of his   unfinished matter with him. As he went out of the house A bird's poop fell on his shoes. "nande kure.." he murmured to himself. "Are there more Unlucky thing waiting for me?" he sighed. Then a ball out of no where hit Inoo. "Wah!! MOU YADAA" He ran immediatley out of their freakin house and went to Hikaru.
They're going to meet each other at Shibuya Station. As he arrive at Shibuya Station, he ran immediatly and almost got tripped while running out of the train. Good Thing was Hikaru catched him .

                  "Be careful Inoo, your making me nervous."

                   "gomen HIkaru, i just can't wait to see you"

                   "did something bad happen??"
                     "MANY!" he shouted 
    People  stared at them as they heared Inoo shout. "Gomen. tsuzuku onegaishimasu." he apologized.
"You got too tell me everything about what's happening." he worriedly said. Then he grabbed Inoo's hand and hold it tightly. "can you walk?" he asked Inoo. Inoo stared at Hikaru's face and has forgotten to reply.
Hikaru smiled at Inoo's cute wierd expression. "Ikuyo." he calmly told Inoo and they continue to walk out of the station. They we're already outside when Hikaru noticed that Inoo was dragging his feet while walking.
"Do you have a wound?" he asked as he kneeled down and checked his knees. "I fell on the stairs a while ago this morning, but i'm okay now." he replied.  Then Hikaru whispered "that would be a problem." He kneeled backwardly and carried Inoo on his back. "I won't let you walk if your wounded" he whispered to Inoo

                         "But you can't carry me like this. I'm also heavy and----"

                         "Your not heavy, and i know i can make sure your okay by carrying you like this"

                         "Arigatou" he blushed. >.<

     As Hikaru Started walking , Every person they will pass in will look at them. Inoo started to feel Uncomfortable because of all those people staring.  But then he remember that it was "Hikaru" whose with him, and there's nothing to  be scared of. As they arrive inside the Coffe shop Hikaru put Inoo down. "are you okay?" inoo asked. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Let's sit there, Tell me everything." they sat  on the nearest table where Inoo won't have a hard time on walking. Inoo suddenly  burst into tears. "I'm so dissapointed having this day to start with bad luck Hikaru" he cried. "Why?" he asked and took out his hankerchief and wiped Inoo's tears.

                           "This morning. I fell on the stairs."

                           "What happen after that?"

                            "My  computer won't start until i totally broke it myself."


                              "Then  i accidentally hit my wound on the table, Then a bird poop fell on my shoes
                                then a ball out of no where hit me!" he cried to hikaru

                              "Inoo, stop crying I don't want to see you crying like that" he wiped Inoo's face.

                              "Gomen Hikaru, I'm starting to be a burden for you."

                              "Don't think like that. I have decided"


      Hikaru Stood up and grabbed Inoo's soft hands.  They went Out of the Coffe Shop and hurriedly get a taxi.
"to the Amusement Park please." he said it with a smile on his face. Inoo stared at Hikaru. He can't help his self to be smiling at him. Then Hikaru look at him. "No more tears again, Okay." Inoo nodded to this cute guy. They arrived at the Amusement park.

                           "where do you want to go first?"

                             "You? where do you want?"

                              "Let's see.."

         Hikaru hold his hands and told him "anywhere you want my Juliet." Hikaru lined up on a Horror train.
Inoo keeps on shouting seeing those "ghosts" inside the horor train. Inoo saw a Women with stiches on his head and was REALLY shock he accidentally hitted her with full force on her head! Hikaru was laughing when he saw Inoo's expression. He just looked like being chased by an Oni on an Onigikko Game that they played many times when their still a junior on JE. "Stop Laughing~!" Inoo spank him at the back. Hikaru was laughing but then he tried  to talk but he can't because of overly laughing. Inoo decide to ride the Ferris Wheel for the last ride. It was almost 7: 40 in the evening they we're staring at each other while talking.

                              "Hikaru, Arigatou"

                               "For what??"

                               "because you have been there when i'm in trouble and--" 

                              "that's okay, you don't have to thank me. I'm happy doing this for you." he smiled to Inoo

       Inoo stared at hikaru and was about to say "I like you... I like you.. Hikaru Yaotome." hikaru stared at Him and stand up from where he was sitting. He went near to Inoo's Face and was about to kiss him on the cheecks. Then the ferris wheel moved. Hikaru's Lips touched Inoo's lips softly. Inoo didn't have a time to close his eyes. THe kiss took 10 seconds then Hikaru seperated from him slowly. Inoo can't describe his feelings after the unexpected kiss. They we're staring at each other as the door of the ferris wheel open.
"Iku, Inoo" he smile to him, Inoo nodded and they went out  at the same time. Hikaru escorted Inoo on going Home.
                            "Kiwotsukete, Inoo.." 

                             "I will.. same to you.."

      Before Hikaru go away he kissed Inoo on the cheecks to bid his sweet goodbye to the person he like.
"Goodbye my Juliet, I love You." Hikaru ran immediatly. Inoo blushed and just smiled to himself. He entered the house and her Sister handed his laptop to him. "tadaima?" inoo said wondering. "Okairi, Your Laptop's okay you don't have to worry about it, ja!" her sister went out and closed the door. Then Inoo whispered.

           "Well, i guess this day wasn't that bad, laptop~! tadaima" he hugged it tightly and went to his room.



Uwa! minna!! hope you like it~! i'm really not that good at Yaoi fics nee~! hehe..
that's all for today! please leave a comment.. ONEGAISHIMASU. JA NEE~!
hotness is in the air~!


Wish i could really shout like that.. nee~! hmm... Let's start with what i like ... HMM>>>
I like friends.. can't leave without them... hmm.. i like making fanfics about hey say jump!!! They're my favorite!
speaking of this things i want you guys to always remember this 10 things..

♥ Always Laugh at the corniest jowk you would hear ♥

♥ make your everyday satisfying without regretting everything you did ♥

♥ Spend your time equally. Divide them Equally ♥

♥ Don't Give Up with small discouraging words ♥

♥ Be LUCKY of what you have, treasure them ♥

♥ "I LOVE YOU" say that as much as possible to your loved ones ♥

LIFE is a meal, LOVE is only snacks


♥ Do oRdInAry things in eXtRa OrDiNaRy WAYS ♥

♥ LIVE LAUGH LIFE: best daily habbit ♥



minna hajimemashite!! :)

I always want to be V.. you wanna know why??
so that i will be always next to